Happy Valentine’s Day to all you sappy romantics out there. This is THE Main Event Review and this week Chris Jericho brings the Highlight Reel back to WWE. Let’s get started.

JBL and Michael Cole are your announcers this evening and the show kicks off with Jon Bon Jovi’s long lost twin brother, Chris Jericho and his Highlight Reel. Chris says that The Miz was supposed to be his guest tonight but his is hurt due to Antonio Cesaro swinging Miz into the guard rail on RAW. That was a pretty awesome sight. Jericho was about to announce his new guest but Ricardo Rodriguez popped up out of nowhere because he wants to do the introduction. That introduction is of course for the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio. ADR tells Jericho he doesn’t want to talk about The Big Show because the time for talking is over and he will finish off Show at Elimination Chamber. Jericho tells Del Rio how much he respects Del Rio’s family but he wants him to know that he is going to win the Elimination Chamber Match and win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. This leads to ADR and Y2J arguing en Espanol. Ricardo got into the act and was talking so fast smoke was coming off his tongue. This brings out Dolph Ziggler who says that you can’t have a conversation about the World Heavyweight Championship without talking about Dolph Ziggler. Y2J starts making fun of Big E’s name calling him a bunch of things that start with E, even some that don’t like Urkel. This all leads to ADR challenging Ziggler to a match tonight. Cole takes us to commercial unsure if the match will occur.

This open was ok. Some of the comedy they tried missed. I did like it when Ricardo popped up begging Jericho to do ADR’s introduction. On SmackDown or RAW it doesn’t bother me when they use the opening promo to set up the main event but as I’ve been saying, this show should be different. It’s really not hard to announce next week’s match at the end of the show or even have it set up by an altercation between two Superstars during the show.

We come back from commercial and Del Rio and Ziggler are in the ring waiting for the referee to ring the bell. Just a thought, Ziggler holds the Money in the Bank contract so why would he waste his time in a non-title singles match? Wouldn’t it be the smart thing to do for him to grab a chair, beat the crap out of ADR and then cash in? It’s these lapses in logic that bother me sometimes but this should be a good bout so I’ll let it go.

Before I get into the match, can someone please explain to me why the hell Cole keeps calling non-title matches “title free”. That might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and that’s a bold statement coming from me. I know some really stupid people.

Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler via Submission (***3/4)

If you watched this match up until Del Rio hit that awesome reverse superplex on Ziggler, you didn’t think you were watching anything special. The match went to its second commercial break and when they came back, these two just hit another gear. This was a great display of pro wrestling by two great pro wrestlers. Del Rio used his short superkick and running headkick for long two counts. I thought he might have finished Ziggler off for good at either point. In fact, I like either one of those moves a lot better as his finisher than the cross arm breaker. Dolph had his chance to win the match with the Rocker Dropper but Del Rio kicked out. They really need to name that move for him. It’s one of his signatures and they don’t even call it “a legdrop to the back of the head” which it is. All you usually get out of Cole is “what a move”.

The Champion was setting up for his finisher but the Show Off shoved him off and AJ grabbed the referee’s attention allowing Big E to cheap shot Del Rio. Ricardo then took his pail, which I still have no idea why he carries it around and hit Big E with it. Big E no sold it and chased Ricardo to the back. You would think this would lead to some sort of advantage for Ziggler but nope, cross arm breaker and a tap out after 22 minutes. Then ending wasn’t my cup of tea but other than that an excellent match.

After recapping Punk/Rock on RAW and how dominate ol’ Mizark has been we head to the locker room where Matt Striker is with Paul Heyman. Striker thought CM Punk would be there but Heyman says that since he is the voice of the voice of the voiceless he can speak for Punk. He says Punk is training for The Rock and his title defense this Sunday. Punk and Heyman are playing it that Punk is still the WWE Champion and that he will walk into WrestleMania still the WWE Champion. Possession is 9/10ths of the law and Punk does have the belt so that’s where they are going with that.

There was no second match this week. The show actually ends with a replay of the Shield’s promo and brawl Cena, Sheamus and Ryback.

The Diagnosis

I’m not going to get too bent out of shape that there was no second match this week in order to recap a bunch of stuff from RAW. It’s ok on a PPV week. They need to sell the PPV so I’ll allow it. They gave us a hell of a Main Event so it’s all good in my book. If you can find the match online, watch it.  The Highlight Reel wasn’t great, but it served its purpose. Maybe next week we could see Jericho in action. Maybe against Antonio Cesaro? That could be fun. The 2/13 Main Event gets a 6.5/10.


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