Before I get into it this week, I just want to point out that if you haven't already read John Canton's most recent column on Jake "The Snake" Roberts, I highly suggest you do because it is an excellent read. It's so good in fact that Diamond Dallas Page himself read it and said it was the best thing he has read on the subject and would be sure to pass it on to Jake Roberts to read as well. If that's not the greatest compliment you can get, I don't know what is these days. So seriously, check it out.

This is going to be a little different than my usual format of writing. So much happened in regards to the Royal Rumble that I want to share my thoughts on random things that transpired, both the good and the bad. I will also try my best to be as positive as I can when mentioning the bad stuff.

Good: The opening street fight between Alberto Del Rio & Big Show for the World Title

This is a perfect example of how to start a pay per view event, especially one that had that much anticipation and hype going into it. It was a great match with a lot of hard hitting spots. Not as great as their match on Smackdown when Del Rio captured the title, but great none the less. The finish was a bit weak because we have seen it before with Cena and Batista, but it actually worked a lot better in this instance to be honest, so that's a good thing.

I would have much rather preferred Ricardo Rodriguez reveal that in the bucket he carried out with him was a rag and a bottle of chloroform. That would have been hilarious to see. Then they could have had Ricardo jumping on Big Show's back and holding on rodeo style until Big Show slowly passed out. That would have been epic. But it's PG. Can't condone drugging people sadly.  

Good: Dolph Ziggler's promo about unifying the titles

While watching the Rumble with my buddy, I mentioned how it would be cool if Ziggler won the Royal Rumble, challenged for the WWE title at Wrestlemania and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to capture the world title in the same night. I knew of course this would never happen, but it's fun to fanaticize. Then before the rumble match, Ziggler cut a promo. Not just any promo, but one that literally had my jaw drop because the words that were coming out of his mouth was exactly what I wanted to hear from Ziggy.

Did he just say he was going to unify the titles at Wrestlemania? Yes he did. And yes I marked out big time for this. Never had I hoped so bad for one man to win the rumble up until this point, especially since it seemed everybody knew who they thought was going to win. I'll get to that in a second.

Good: Chris Jericho makes a surprise return as entrant #2

I marked out. Hard. This was as legit of a surprise as I could have expected. There was nothing on the dirtsheets or on any wrestling related website for that matter in regards to Jericho being in the Rumble and returning. At least not at any of the sites I came across. And that is a very good thing when you can still be surprised instead of spoiled in today's internet age.

The set up was perfect too with Dolph already being in the ring as they actually didn't forget their previous storyline for once. Everything about this and these two performers was good, including their performance in the Rumble match. If anyone thought any of this was bad, I'd have to scratch my head at that one and question it. My opinion is that it was one of, if not, the best moments of the night, depending on who you are a bigger fan of I suppose.

Good: Santino has yet another short comical appearance in the Rumble match

The Rumble match is a long match. It's a very much anticipated match, but it's a long match and I'm perfectly fine with some humor from time to time, assuming it is done properly. When Santino is involved, you can bet that he won't disappoint in this category. This Rumble was no different.

He got in there, cleaned house (or so he thought) only to realize that everybody he thought he tossed over had held on. What made this so funny were his facial expressions, which Santino is very great at doing. Just a fun spot that thankfully didn't last too long, but gave me a good chuckle.

Bad: Kofi Kingston tries to top last year's handstand

I may get some heat for this, but I was not impressed. Maybe because last year's near elimination involving Kofi in the rumble was so good (and not to be outdone by John Morrision's the year before that) or maybe I just expected more. Don't get me wrong, what he did was impressive, but the year before was better. Not to mention the fact that if JBL was so kind enough to lend him the rolling chair in the first place, couldn't someone just give him a push to ringside? Thus eliminating the need to do all of that hippity hop hop? Just saying. Logic kind of killed it for me on this one. The part where he landed on Tensai's back before this was creative.  

Good: Team Hell No shines in the Royal Rumble

Speaking on landing on people before both feet touch the floor, Daniel Bryan eliminating Kane was funny. Kane catching Bryan upon his elimination and then arguing back and forth to see if he would carry him back to the ring was hilarious to say the least. Daniel Bryan, much like Dolph Ziggler, has a bright future. Now that would be a great Wrestlemania match right there.

Bad: The Godfather enters the Rumble. Lasts 3 seconds. Leaves.

Even though it was kind of cool to see him, this was such a waste. So was Khali entering at #23. But what can you do? At least it didn't last too long. He got eliminated so fast, his music hadn't even stopped playing yet so he took that Ho train on out of there. Papa Shango? Now that would have been cool.

Good: Goldust versus Cody Rhodes in the Rumble  

What made this work was the brother versus brother dynamic. If Cody wasn't in the ring or in the Rumble when the glass shattered, it would not have been as big of a deal. If these two face off at Wrestlemania, I would be perfectly fine with it.

Speaking of Cody, I'm loving the that someone forgot to tell him that movember is over because he is rocking that pencil thin mustache. Does that make his new gimmick a wrestler that looks like an 80's porn star or a modern day pedophile? Could you imagine if he started coming out to the ring in a white '89 Dodge Ram van wearing rapist glasses and handing out candy bags to kids? Oh man that would be great. I can see it now.

Bad: John Cena wins the Royal Rumble, as predicted.

I get it. I get why they had Cena win the thing. Because they are clearly going to set up Rock versus Cena 2 at Wrestlemania 29 with the possible tagline of "twice in a lifetime" I would imagine. The writing is on the wall.

Do I want to see the match again? Not really. Did Cena winning the Rumble pretty much give away the outcome between the main event of CM Punk versus Rock for the WWE championship? Of course. This is bad in terms of the overall factor of being able to predict the final outcome, as the majority of us did. But you have to take the bad with the good and understand that this was done for one reason and one reason only. Money. WWE is going to make a lot of money in this rematch, just like they made a lot of money last year. At the end of the day, this is a business. And to run a successful business, the more money you make, the better. It's a no brainer.

My only concern is where does this leave CM Punk now for Wrestlemania 29? Nobody on the roster deserves to be in the main event more than Punk and now the latest news seems to indicate that Undertaker may not compete this year at Wrestlemania. The rumored match was Taker versus Punk in a streak versus respect match, but that may now be off the table. If that is the case, bring in Stone Cold. No wait he is still recovering from knee surgery. That sucks. A triple threat would make sense, but at this point, it definitely looks like Cena is going to get his win back from the Rock. Again, predictable, but it's just business people. Melo Out!

As far as the main event match between The Rock and CM Punk, it was what I expected. I think there's been enough written about it. I'm looking forward to the rematch at Elimination Chamber.

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading. I do appreciate the support, comments and feedback. And one last thing... did we witness the return of the hip hop hippo on Raw? I smell a new tag team. Can you come up with a better name?

Until next time, sit back, relax and Melo Out because that's what wrestling is all about.

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